Post 20

Day 461 –

Hi peoples of the earth! I haven’t posted in a while because I gots busy with school and work and all the other excuses that come with it.  For a while, I was feeling overwhelmed and uninspired that I felt like if I tried blogging, it would just be a bunch of crap. And then I realized, who cares! So I decided to get out of my poopy rut and blog again.

So my blog had a theme or I thought it did. It was supposed to be about life in Philly, being married to a med student, and I realized I didn’t really blog much about it. So, I started to gather some thoughts on that and here is what I came up with.

What I thought it’d be like being married to a med student versus my reality:

Notion: Woot! Lucky me, I’m marrying a future doctor!
Reality: So much debt! We are so poor!

Notion: When I go to work, Vic will wake up the same time and study all day!
Reality: When I go to work, Vic is still snoring in bed. The rest of the day, I have no idea what he’s up to.

Notion: Victor will be so busy because he’ll be studying all day, he’ll have no time to play or relax.
Reality: What?! He watches tv with me everyday? What?! He takes breaks and plays on the ipad for long bouts? What?! He has time to take 15 minute poops? What?! He sleeps a minimum of 8 hours a day?!

Notion: I’ll be cooking dinner everyday
Reality: Thank God we now take turns

Notion: He’ll be able to diagnose every sickness I have
Reality: What was I thinking? He’s not a doctor yet!

Notion: He’ll help me with my science courses
Reality: He helps me with my science courses!

Notion: When we hang with his classmates, we’ll have normal conversations
Reality: Why didn’t I realize that that was never possible? Every conversation revolves around medicine.

Well, those are just a few thoughts I’ve encountered recently. And as another incentive for me to write my blog again, I’ve requested people to suggest ideas or ask me about anything and I would write about it. So here goes!

Chester from Los Angeles, CA, posed the statement “ama”
Yes, ask me anything. Am I supposed to ask you something chester? Not sure what this comment was.

Will (registered nurse) from Los Angeles, CA posed the question, “Insurance”?
– Well, I have medical insurance and dental insurance. It’s great because I go to the doctor’s a lot. What else? Yeah obamacare, I like it. I’m under 26, so yea, I have insurance from my parents, yay me.

Will posed another question, “Hole on the walls in Philly?”
-What? I hate holes.

Lucy (accountant), hails from Hunan, China and emigrated to Los Angeles, CA in 1993, posed the question, “What is Victor currently humming?”
– “Julia” by the famous Wong Lee Hom, who happens to look like Victor. And yes, I said that right, he looks like Victor.

Lucy, also posed the question, “How many hei friends have you made?”
– I’d say 11.5. One’s half hei. I have one that’s pretty close to me and we hang a lot. 8 used to be my coworkers at my old job.  2 are part of my study group for one of my classes. All very wonderful heis.

Lucy could not resist posting another question, “How smelly are your shoes right now?”
-My sneakers are probably at a 2/10 smelly, 10 being very smelly, 2 being not smelly. My TOMS are probably at a 5/10 smelly, I wear nylon socks to keep it from stinking the shoe. If you asked me how smelly my nylon socks are after wearing TOMS, I’d say 10/10 smelly.

Kenny, from Arcadia, CA, suggested “cheesesteaks”
-My take on cheesesteaks? Pat’s and Gino’s are overrated. I like Tony Luke’s and I also like Delassandro’s. But honestly? Cheesesteaks are just bread, cooked meat, and cheese (no offense). They’re good, but I’d rather go for 10 dollar AYCE KRN BBQ in DTLA (great use of acronyms). Toss out that nonsense bread for delicious korean side dishes. hmmm.

Susie (pharmacist), from Los Angeles, CA, suggested “stories of strange people I encountered at work”
-This one will definitely be a work in progress. Of course, since I’m a stalker and people watcher, this will be fun for future blogging as well.  Well, this one isn’t really someone I encountered at work, but someone I encountered on the way to work while riding the bus. So I take the bus everyday to go to work, and you meet the most interesting people on the bus. There was a girl behind me, talking on the phone with her friend, and all I could catch were bits and pieces of the conversation. What I recalled was “Justin Timberlake was great,” “But what irks me is his hair” “He’s got to cut his hair”  That was pretty much all I remember. She was pretty emotionally disturbed by his hair.

That’s all the questions and suggestions I had for this post. Feel free to suggest more ideas and ask more questions! I’d be happy to answer!

And to finish it off with a bang! Here are more debbie downer comments from me about why I miss LA so much!

1. Legit boba and tea shops! (can’t stand this “bubble” crap)

2. Crispy fries from tapioca express on 1st ave and duarte. That still exists right?

3. Movie theaters. We have movie theaters here, but none in the city =( (other than the freaking expensive imax theater at franklin institute)

4. Boiling point and boiling crab.

5. Family and friends. Always will miss these.

Alrighty, that’s all from me! Have a great week everyone =)